Time I’ve been thinking lots lately about my time and how I spend it. I’ve been pondering that humongous question: What makes me happy? It’s not so much what can I do to feel happy but more about looking at the things that already make me feel happy and working toward being able to continue … Continue reading

Need a plan

They say those who strategize and stay with their plan DO make it to where they are going. That’s a comforting thought. Now that I know that, I need to figure out WHAT it is I want. To do that, I need to know what makes me HAPPY and what I WANT. Sometimes we think … Continue reading

Day one

I’ve been talking to myself about REALLY blogging for quite a while. I love to write and take photos and I get immense pleasure out of reading the blogs of others, so why not jump into it myself? I know it will take discipline and I will have to somehow become technical which will be … Continue reading