Day one

I’ve been talking to myself about REALLY blogging for quite a while. I love to write and take photos and I get immense pleasure out of reading the blogs of others, so why not jump into it myself? I know it will take discipline and I will have to somehow become technical which will be the biggest hurdle for me. Right now I am not sure of the direction I want to take and I am hoping along the way, I will figure that out. For now, I think I will just write about what I’m experiencing and thinking, which means I will be all over the place or is that page?

Here is my new house. I want to name it but it needs to be some cool name like Bliss or maybe even something French. I love this house and had that certain “this is it” feeling when I first walked in this Spring. Now I have it and I get to do all sorts of fun things like decorate and have a gorgeous garden and cook fabulous things. I’m so excited for a new start in this new place. I want to entertain all the time now. And grow my own herbs and vegetables. It’s gonna be great.


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