Need a plan

They say those who strategize and stay with their plan DO make it to where they are going. That’s a comforting thought. Now that I know that, I need to figure out WHAT it is I want. To do that, I need to know what makes me HAPPY and what I WANT. Sometimes we think we know what we want and after we get it, nothing feels better. Going along with this idea, the thoughts of contentment, bliss, passion, fulfillment and attitude come to mind.

No one thing makes a person happy. I think we decide how to respond to life, how to look at it, how to measure success or bliss. We have choices regarding how we react to the world and to every single thing that comes our way, including the sunshine or rain. Attitude is what that’s called. There’s a sort of filter that each of us looks through all day long. Can we get a new one? Does it ever need to be changed, like the ones in our vacuum cleaners, central ac units or the water we drink? Those can get pretty yucked up. Is it the same with our life-viewing filters? Where do you get a new one?

I think I need a plan. And maybe a new filter.

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