tragedy, sorrow and a need for change

I couldn’t even post about this until today. There are so many aspects and levels of discussion. I’m much more well versed in the area of flowers and cooking. I’ve never pretended to be a politician. But I am a Mother and a friend and a United States citizen. There seem to be two main issues here, one being mental illness and the other gun control laws. I have to wonder, if there is a third issue here as well. And I want to say now, this does not excuse him, it’s just the scientist in me that wants to look at all the angles. I have to wonder if the way this young man was treated during his youth had anything to do with how he turned out. I kept hearing the word “alienation” on the news yesterday. Not near enough information has been gathered so I may be blowing smoke out of someplace. That being said, our society IS changing. We are ugly and judging and certainly not inclusive. There is competition in everything and people can become quite ruthless in eliminating it. The benchmark we set for others is often not one we can measure up to ourselves, and our yardsticks are mercurial at best. This young man is brilliant. He may not have been able to relate well to others. Was he ostracized? Was he included? Judged? I’d like to see how he lived his youth. Did the people he came across live the Golden Rule? This is not to say he should be excused. What James Holmes did was horrendous, abhorrent and ghastly. But I do wonder just how many factors contributed to his inconceivable actions.

Schizophrenia is often first diagnosed in men in their early 20’s. We don’t know enough about James Holmes at this point to have any further discussion about a diagnosis. He will have one soon enough. If it turns out he was developing symptoms, mounds of discussion and theory will come into play regarding what we do for our mentally ill in this country, which is, basically, to put them in jail. Mental illness in our country has not been adequately addressed or dealt with.

Gun control law. Now this is something we can talk about now. I heard a guy on television say he’s never seen a deer wearing a bullet proof vest. There are guns for hunting and there are guns for combat. Somewhere in between there are guns for self-protection??? As I wrote earlier, I’m no politician but I do know that the kinds of weapons James Holmes was allowed to purchase should not be in the hands of the average Joe, whether crazy or not. When are our lawmakers going to make changes? Does it take this kind of tragedy to spur legislation? I somehow think this kind of tragedy isn’t enough. There was the Oklahoma City Bomber, Columbine, Gabby Giffords, Virginia Tech, Major Nidal Hasan in Texas and the list goes on and on. The internet tells me there have been at least 28 mass murders since Columbine which happened in 1999. 1999 and this is STILL happening? Obama has been avoiding the issue for three years now. We are sorely overdue for a change.

I think I am going to get working on my Mushroom Tartlets. Things seem much safer and more logical in the kitchen.






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