I’ve been thinking lots lately about my time and how I spend it. I’ve been pondering that humongous question: What makes me happy? It’s not so much what can I do to feel happy but more about looking at the things that already make me feel happy and working toward being able to continue to do them or perhaps to be able to do them a little more. We all have the same 24 hours and it amazes me how vastly different we are in terms of waste vs productivity. One of the things I am coming to terms with is that if I want to be happy and do things and be productive or get things done, I have to DO SOMETHING with my time. Lounging around reading a magazine is pleasant and nice, but what is the end result? Sure, it is relaxing and I enjoy it, but my thoughts are running more toward being able to see something in the end or come away with knowledge or experience or just something that seems more tangible, like a great dish, a new planting, or a nice piece of writing. Even wonderful memories of a great conversation or a picture in my mind of a stream I might see during a hike.

With this new thought in mind, I think I will do a little experiment on myself. This coming week I will take notes on what I do and what I like to do and then put these into categories. The list will need tweaking. A thought is to make my time more important or maybe a better way to say that is to put more importance on my time. This may possibly only make sense to me right now.

I’m adding something already. Speaking of time, I loved writing this and looking for a photo, even though the moth has nothing to do with the subject. Should have taken a picture of my watch or something. Regarding time, though, I see that I loved taking the time to write this. It took me a lot of time to place the photo. The photo was not placed where I wanted it and it took me time to even place it at all. Lesson #1: Get good at something, otherwise you will be wasting a lot of your time. Spend TIME getting good at something.

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