First note to self

So, I was going to do a little experiement and it started yesterday. I was going to keep track of how I spend my time. The thing I spent the most time on yesterday and enjoyed the most was going out with a new friend (actually third date) and doing something social. We met downtown at the SAM and saw an exhibit I had already seen. Shhh! I didn’t tell him. It was a good thing I had already seen it. We got there at 4, he bought my ticket for 17 bucks and at 4:45 we were told the museum would be closing in 15 minutes. Who knew the SAM closes at 5pm on Saturdays? My date, bless his heart, now had an hour and a half of unplanned time before our dinner reservations at The Pink Door at 6:30. We walked around quite a bit (too bad I was wearing my J Crew Leopard flats that give me blisters after 4 minutes of walking), we had coffee at a cool coffee shop near Pike Market, sat and looked at the water and talked.

Dinner was really nice. I love The Pink Door! It is so beautiful inside and the food delicious. He ordered a bottle of wine and we had a really nice time there. Afterwards, he didn’t really want to end the date so we walked (again) to the Alexis Hotel and sat at a table by the window in the bar. We had a couple of drinks and talked and talked. I’ve liked him more and more with each date but he’s fresh out of some major hurts so not sure where we will go or if he even has the emotional capacity to date right now.

So, as I see it, I went out, did lots of talking, some eating and some expensive art observing and had a blast. I learned about some new authors, I learned more about my date and I consider last night a great use of my time. Too bad I couldn’t get paid for those 8 hours. Actually…..never mind.Image

Today….opposite end of the spectrum. I’ve watered my back yard, read, put off going to the store, sat outside, put off cleaning my house and taken a nap. Other than my yard and reading, I’ve not done much today. Oh, and I also put off going to the Y to get started on working out. What am I to learn about today and time and my unproductiveness? That I can’t stay out past midnight and expect to get much done the next day? That it’s easy to compromise on tonight’s dinner (was supposed to be baked lemon thyme chicken but will probably be cereal instead), that exercise is not high on my list or that I am lazy? Maybe it’s a little of all of those things. BUT, I did write and that counts a lot.

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