A starting point….again


Seems like I’m always writing about a starting point or the first note or the beginning and such. Maybe I’m not quite sure how to start, that that process seems overwhelming or too big. Or maybe after I decide on a starting point, I don’t know how to move forward. I’ve just gone to a Mike Dooley conference where he succeeded in pumping me up. There’s also this book (with a book club attached) on The Fire Starters. Between the two, I think I am moving rather than just spinning my wheels. It’s such a teeny move forward that it most likely would not be noticed by anyone. But I have this feeling and it is just a little bit different, but it’s enough. It’s enough that I do feel it and it feels pretty good. The fact that I have a feeling and it feels like I have moved, is enough for me for now. I think I already said that in two other sentences.

One (there’s more than one) of the things I have been reading about is the topic of looking at what you like to do. This is a bit related to my post about how I spend my time. I’m not sure this is what I do best, but I really really like doing it. That thing is writing. There are a couple of other things but I’m going to focus on just one for now. So, I have discovered or maybe acknowledged, said out loud and in print, that I really like writing. I’m making that one of my truths. This is going to be a very long process and I will be letting God (or the Universe as others see it) lead me, but I am going to focus on this love of mine. I am going to put it out there (with other things later) and see where it leads me. I am going to have faith that if I put my faith in something so much bigger than myself, that God and karma, the Law of Attraction and so on will lead me along. It is going to be an amazing journey!

My recent readings are teaching me to show up every day and to think of my end point as my starting point. What I’ve just learned is that I am not supposed to get attached to the details, that they can mess me up, and that just because I can’t know how my dream will come true doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I do have to do things, I can’t just sit around um-ing and then Voila! I’m there without any work. I’m going to change things up in my mind and be open to any and every possibility that might move me closer to one of my dreams. I’m not going to just write. Having the end in mind plus showing up daily and taking action will force the circumstances to occur and bring the end result to me. I know I will need to try many paths (without getting hung up on the details), to ask for help, to try new directions, respond to conditions, and continually evolve. Taking action summons resources, emboldens beliefs and will avail me of life’s magic. By trying many paths, I will automatically navigate around limiting beliefs. These last few sentences are from what I learned at the Mike Dooley conference and want to credit him for my inspiration.

Ok, now onward!

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