what’s this?

I’ve no idea what happened or if this will be a one day only thing but today was not my usual day. I had so much free time this morning. Felt a sense of calm and maybe clarity? Peace? A sense of knowing? The feeling of security? My drive to work was effortless and I felt settled and calm and as if I knew some wonderful secret. And no, I haven’t read or watched The Secret. The whole day was like that. I cannot explain it, but I can feel it. Or at least I could today (and it is still with me tonight at home). Whatever this feeling is, I want more. I can’t wait to see if it has vanished by the morning, to see if it’s just random.

After feeling such bliss today, I needed to remind myself that it’s important to visualize. And with that, I know a routine is greatly needed. I can then plug the visualization time into my day, schedule it, know when it will happen. But how do I visualize? I need to figure out what to see in my mind’s eye. I know today I felt great, but what does that look like? I’m glad Mike Dooley says to imagine the end result. I can imagine happiness and abundance and livelihood, but the specifics are a blur. That being said, it does feel so differnt now, like it is real. It may take lots of faith to believe the details will all be figured out along the way but I’m going with that for today. Baby steps and baby steps and more baby steps, exploring, evolving, sampling, expanding, working and trying new things and avenues that will lead me to the end result. I will be open to any and all possibilities. For now I don’t feel that concerned about what the end result will be. I feel it will be wonderful, whatever it is, and that along the way I will figure it out. 

Here’s to tomorrow!

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