Something really cool happened today. I felt another one of those “things” where it seems I am being led down my path to bliss, whatever that may turn out to be. I was going through email which led me to look at Amazon then to memoirs. It was there that I discovered  Jenny Lawson, a writer and blogger. She has a huge following on The And she is from Texas. As I read about her and of course ordered her latest book, that took me to another page where I learned she will be at a book signing this very week at Elliott Bay Book Co right here in Seattle. And my schedule just happens to work for me to go see her. Coincidence? I don’t believe in those.

While finding out about Jenny I also decided to watch part of an interview with Meryl Streep online. Meryl is a very funny lady among other things. Watching her somehow triggered the comments made by friends that my writing was often funny, that I should consider a blog, that they hoped I would continue with my emails to my Texas Friends email group and so on.

Now these two things may not seem related to anyone else and Lord knows there is no real connection between me and Meryl. But somehow, I got that feeling again, the one I’ve had a few times recently. The feeling doesn’t come every day and when it does, I am gonna grab hold for life! I think it all really means something, that I am being told that I am moving in the right direction toward something. I’ve not written this down yet, but I want to also say when I am visualizing, I see myself looking quite swanky in a black pantsuit with white piping. My hair looks gorgeous and I look rich. And confident, poised, oh so very cool. I’m sitting down but I have no idea where, but I think it’s related to humor and writing. That’s all I need to know for now.

It’s so intriguing to think since I started visualizing that I’m now being propelled forward. I’m gonna pay lots of attention to who, what, where and when because I think there’s a message in there for me. Just gotta break the code.

Willow looking in from outside.

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