A new challenge

View from a hike


Look what I’m doing! This is a huge step for me, to put it out there that I will work on an actual “good” post each week. Pretty scary and a time commitment as well! I’d love to be in a position to do one daily but my work schedule does not permit it. So many days I come home brain dead; i know the quality would be so poor. So, here we go! For my one folllower, I have to say it took just under an hour to figure out how to get the image above in this post. But I did it!

Saw this quote and I love it!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.  ISAAC ASIMOV

So true, hitting the keys as the thoughts spew out. Now if only my thoughts were all profound, wise, gut-wrenching or funny! I’d take any of those. I’m learning though, or at least reading that if you write well, the subject matter doesn’t matter quite so much.

I’m being pretty brave this morning. It’s sunny and a little cool and I’m sitting in my backyard, on the patio with the sun on my back. I never knew that if you had your laptop screen facing the sun, you can see it perfectly. I always did it the other way. Another example of how I just need to shake it up, try different approaches. Like my new wordpress theme. I just changed that this morning. Boy, won’t my one follower be surprised when he sees this! Now I’m off to figuring out how to do photos and customize this thing!

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