New year

IMG_1669So it’s 2013. I can honestly say I have accomplished some goals I set for myself late this past year. It feels really good. I’ve completed the first section of a nonfiction writing class. The next part starts in a couple days. I’ve purchased a home (closing Nov 30, 2012). The home brings with it responsibility, ownership, financial obligation and hopefully much bliss, but I have to say finishing my first quarter of the writing class has felt like a bigger  accomplishment.

Now it’s new goals. Finish the next quarter at UW.  Get back in shape. Strengthen friendships. Live more passionately. I’ve got all kinds of stuff written down. A lot of it has to do with how I will feel about various aspects of my life, how it will feel to be in shape without a muffin top, how it will feel to have closer relationships and so on. In the back of my mind there’s also a trip to Hawaii and maybe a savings plan for something on another continent.

A winter sport. I chose snowshoeing and was dating a man who was happy to take me. Now I’ve broken up with him. Sometimes the process or specifics of how to reach a goal must change. Finding people who want to snowshoe, figuring out how to get there in my Beetle, staying safe, those are new pieces to the winter sport plan.

And so I begin again. This year will bring more change and more growth than the last. I can feel it. I really want it. There’s a determination I lacked in 2012. So here we go.

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