Green Plate Special

Oh my gosh!!! It’s official! I am now a volunteer and the BLOGGER for Green Plate Special! Green Plate Special is an awesome nonprofit started by Laura Dewell. Pics and more info to come soon!


We had two great summer programming opportunities this summer! Here’s the first:

Thanks to a grant through Seattle Neighborhood Group and the opportunity to partner with YMCA and Therapeutic Health Services it was possible for students from the Middle School Enrichment Academy at Madrona K-8 to learn and grow this summer! The youth at MESA had a great experience ranging from a soup cook-off and appetizers to planting seeds and starts in the garden, tending and watching them grow. Students were able to harvest herbs and vegetables as well as learn how to identify them by smell. They also learned about choosing a healthy snack during a break from their work and on garden days, made lunch in the outdoors. Sharing meals in the kitchen gave us the opportunity to set the table with table cloths, cloth napkins (no paper or plastic here) and flowers from our garden.


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